Microsoft is scheduled to launch Office 2016 for Windows desktop in just a few weeks — the first new desktop version since the launch of Office 2013 two and a half years ago.

LPDDR4 is still relatively new to the market, but we’ve already seen its clock speeds sprint ahead of older LPDDR3 hardware. Samsung has just announced its new 12Gb LPDDR4 modules.

In the weeks since Windows 10 launched, the OS has been adopted at an unprecedented rate. Over 75 million customers reportedly installed it within 30 days of debut.

Once this is done, check your Windows directory for a directory named $WINDOWS.~BT. The icon may be translucent, since the folder is normally hidden, so check carefully.

A pair of new rumors around AMD have popped up in recent days, both with significant implications for the future of the company.Relations between AMD and its former manufacturing division.

Researchers at Xerox PARC have created a new type of cryptographic processor that’s capable of self-destructing if ordered to do so. The new chip is part of a DARPA-funded.